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TUNERS датащиты, Datasheet

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Siemens Semiconductor G...
BF775 NPN Silicon RF Transistor (Especially suitable for TV-sat and UHF tuners)

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX2160 ISDB-T Single-Segment Low-IF Tuners

NXP Semiconductors
TDA6508 3-band mixer/oscillator and PLL for terrestrial tuners

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BF994S Silicon N Channel MOSFET Tetrode (For VHF applications, especially for input and mixer stages with a wide tuning range, e.g. in CATV tuners)

Infineon Technologies A...
BB857E7902 For SAT tuners

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BF799 NPN SILICON RF TRANSISTOR (For linear broadband amplifier applications up to 500 MHz SAW filter driver in TV tuners)

NXP Semiconductors
TDA6502 5 V mixers/oscillators and synthesizers for cable TV and VCR 2-band tuners


NXP Semiconductors
TDA5744 Low power mixers/oscillators for hyperband tuners
TDA5632 9 V VHF and UHF mixers/oscillators for TV and VCR cable tuners
TDA5731M Low power VHF, UHF and hyperband mixer/oscillator for TV and VCR 3-band tuners
TDA5630 9 V VHF, hyperband and UHF mixer/oscillator for TV and VCR 3-band tuners

TEMIC Semiconductors
U813BS 1.1-GHz Prescaler for PLLs in TV, CATV and SAT TV Tuners

Panasonic Semiconductor
MN88831 PCM Audio Decoder LSI for Satellite Broadcasting Tuners (Includes Built-In Digital Filter and D/A Converter)

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BF771 NPN Silicon RF Transistor (For modulators and amplifiers in TV and VCR tuners)

Sharp Electrionic Compo...
BSFZ68G57 I/Q Output Satellite Tuners

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BF550 PNP Silicon RF Transistor (For common emitter amplifier stages up to 300 MHz For mixer applications in AM/FM radios and VHF TV tuners)
BB620 Silicon Variable Capacitance Diode (For Hyperband TV/VTR tuners, Bd I)
BB641 Silicon Variable Capacitance Diode (For VHF Hyperband TV/TR tuners High capacitance ratio Low series resistance)
BB619 Silicon Variable Capacitance Diode (For tuning of extended frequency bands in VHF TV/VTR tuners)

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